Protein Intake Calculator

Protein Intake Calculator


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Calculate Your Required Protein Intake

At Performance Backed, we're committed to offering you scientifically-formulated products like our core supplement, Complete Recovery, to assist you in achieving your fitness and wellness goals. Understanding your individual protein requirements is crucial in this journey, which is why we've designed the Protein Intake Calculator. This tool adheres to the guidelines set forth by the American Dietetic Association (ADA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO) to provide personalized protein intake suggestions.

Here’s how protein and Complete Recovery complement each other in promoting optimum health:

  1. Muscle Recovery and Growth: Adequate protein intake partnered with the nutrients in Complete Recovery facilitates quicker muscle repair post-workout, reduces muscle soreness, and promotes muscle growth. Explore our collection of the best muscle recovery supplements to further support your fitness journey.

  2. Sleep Quality and Recovery: Protein can improve sleep quality, a crucial aspect of muscle recovery. Complete Recovery is meticulously formulated to enhance sleep and muscle recovery simultaneously.

  3. Mood and Energy Levels: Protein supports the production of neurotransmitters responsible for regulating mood and energy levels. Combined with Complete Recovery, you're well on your way to experiencing sustained energy and a positive mood throughout the day.

  4. Hormonal Balance: Protein helps in maintaining hormonal balance essential for muscle growth and overall wellness. Our Complete Recovery supplement is also designed to support hormonal balance, aiding in muscle growth and potentially increasing testosterone levels.

Understanding your protein needs is the first step towards better sleep, enhanced muscle recovery, and a positive mood. Our calculator, based on the safe lower limit recommendations from ADA, CDC, and WHO, provides a tailored protein intake suggestion, aligning perfectly with the benefits of Complete Recovery.

For individuals seeking relief from muscle spasms in the neck and shoulder area or looking to speed up muscle strain recovery, a balanced protein intake along with our Complete Recovery supplement can make a significant difference. Discover the synergy between the right protein intake and Complete Recovery to support your active lifestyle and achieve your performance goals. Try our Protein Intake Calculator now and take a step towards optimized health and performance!